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About our PPG

A message from our Patient Congress Representative

Cobbs Garden Surgery PPG is represented on the Patents Congress within the Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group. The Patient Congress consists of a nominated member from each of the GP Practice PPGs in Milton Keynes. The Congress provides a mechanism for engagement and communication with each of the PPG groups and their members on commissioning proposals. The role of the group is to take forward the Patient and Public Involvement Strategy of NHS Milton Keynes CCG.  The Patients Congress is an opportunity for patients to contribute to the formulation of, and to receive information on the direction of, healthcare in the area.  The representatives on the Congress seek to represent the interests of patients on the various Commissioning Programme Boards. To that end the representatives would seek assistance from their PPGs to identify patients with relevant experiences to input into the various board’s deliberations and ensure that patients receive a continuity of care to completion of procedures.  MK Commissioning has agreed to plan, purchase and make changes to local health services through the Programmes listed in the helpful links:

The present Patients Congress Representative for Cobbs Garden PPG is Brian Lintern who can be contacted by email via or telephone 01234 711751.  If you consider that you have experiences appropriate to one of the above programmes, which are NOT specific but highlight a general issue worthy of further consideration, then please make contact direct or through the surgery.  Brief written notes would be appreciated.

For more information about Clinical Commissioning in Milton Keynes refer to their website:

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